Busch Gardens

Busch Gardens is an African-themed animal theme park. It is located in the heart of Tampa City, Florida and sprawls a massive a 335-acre area. It features no less than 8 roller coasters, 2 water rides as well as a host of other attractions and animals. That being said, it is hardly a surprise to find out that it is one of the city’s most visited sights, attracting no less than 4 million tourists last year.

Needless to say, with the sheer number of activities available, it can be rather overwhelming. Most people have no idea where to start when they first get to the Busch Gardens. Have no fear though, we have you covered. This article succinctly breaks down the different noteworthy sections of the park to give you a better idea of what to expect on your visit.

Sesame Street Safari of Fun

This section was once known as the Land of the Dragons. It is perhaps one of the most child-friendly sections of the park. It contains all of the previous attractions as well as a couple of new ones including Telly’s Jungle Jam which serves as an interactive play area for the kids. There is also the giant swing ride known as Rosita’s Djembe Fly-Away as well as Bert & Ernie’s Watering hole where kids can play in the water.

Of course, we would be remiss if we fail to mention the roller coaster in this area. Namely, there is Air Grover and perhaps the most popular children’s roller coaster in the park. Aside from the rides, there is also a quaint animal exhibit to be found in the Sesame Street of Fun. In fact, it always comes as a pleasant surprise to find that it plays host to the Komodo dragon exhibit.


This section of the park plays host to SheiKra, the first and only Dive Coaster in the North America. It is a 200-foot roller coaster that features a 90-degree vertical drop. This particular ride never fails to get the blood pressure up and running, so be forewarned.

It was also home to the African Queen Boat Ride which has since been transformed into the Tanganyika Tidal Wave. It gives visitors a nice ride into the waterways before going on a 55-foot drop. The giant splash is always a guarantee and is certainly something to look forward to.


This section gets its name from infamous jungles of the Congo. It is home to two of the park’s most famous rides, the Kumba rollercoaster and the Congo River Rapids. Kumba is one of the park’s premier rides. The ride features a crazy 143-foot steel sit-down roller coaster with no less than seven inversions.

Meanwhile, the Congo River Rapids gives visitors a wild time. The water ride seeks to simulate the raging whitewater rapids to the delight of visitors.

The Busch Gardens is perhaps the closest thing you can get to the authentic jungle experience without getting on a plane. Make sure that you pay a visit next time you are in Tampa.