Chihuly Collection

The Chihuly Collection is a must-see for all art lovers. With its unique pieces, it is an exhibit that is unlike any other. Needless to say, if you are planning a visit to the Tampa or St. Petersburg area, then you must surely make room for it to your itinerary.

Hosted by the Morean Arts Center, the permanent collection features the striking works of the world-renowned artist Dale Chihuly’s. The pieces exude a distinctive vibe that sets it apart from any other artworks found in the museum.

About the Artist

Chihuly is known to many as one of the trailblazers of the studio glass movement. The artist is often credited with changing the specific methods used to creating glass art. He has essentially transformed and revolutionized the medium by leading the way towards the development of more complex glass sculptures. In particular, his works are known to make use of several parts and incorporates its environment into the overall design.

Of course, by no means does this mean that his contributions are confined to the studio glass art movement. His pioneering spirit and his achievements have certainly made its mark in the field of contemporary art.

The artist is known all over the world and has created a number of memorable installation artworks in many notable locations. For instance, there is Chihuly Over Venice wherein his sculptures were installed over the city’s famous canal. There is also Chihuly in the Light of Jerusalem which has attracted worldwide foot traffic and no less than one million visitors.

The Chihuly Collection

It is worth noting that the collection of Chihuly’s art in Florida was specially commissioned along with the building’s construction. This means that the art themselves are designed in such a way that they seamlessly blend with the architecture work.

Upon entering the exhibit, one is quickly immersed in the overall experience, as both the venue and the art start to blend together and create a cohesive experience. The iconic 20-foot sculpture marks one’s entry. Like all the pieces in the exhibit, it was specially created for the collection.

The Collection has several different large-scale installations from the artist himself. Listed below are the most renowned and most well-known pieces included in the exhibit, most of which have captivated countless art lovers from all over the world.

  • Ruby Red Icicle Chandelier
  • Macchia
  • Ikebana
  • Niijima Floats Persians
  • Tumbleweeds

Each of the Chihuly art pieces perfectly complements their respective spaces. Each of them has been individually designed to bring out this effect. It goes without saying that each installation piece is unique visual experience by itself.

Guided Tours

We highly recommend that you pay a visit to the Morean Arts Center. The museum offers visitors a guided tour so that you can better appreciate the Chihuly Collection. The tour guides present useful information that further enhances the overall viewing experience.

If you love art and want to experience something truly unique, then we highly recommend that you see the Chihuly Collection.