Free Things to Do in Tampa

Tampa is highly regarded as one of the top tourist destination sites in the State of Florida. That is why it always comes as a surprise to most that the city also offers plenty free activities for visitors. With great weather all year-round, there is surely no shortage of fun things to do in Tampa.

There are certainly plenty of things to choose from. This includes both outdoor activities as well as indoor attractions.

  • Tampa River Walk – This is activity entails a scenic walk and a history lesson. Visitors get to explore the 2.5 mile trail strewn across the small parks and the downtown waterways where they are rewarded with spectacular views of the city and its most popular attractions.
  • Manatee Viewing Center – This is a popular activity during the winter months. Visitors get to observe the Manatees up close as they flock to the city’s waterways. The sea cows, as they are commonly referred to, are attracted by the city’s warm waters.
  • Museums – Tampa is no stranger to museums. Many of these are completely free for visitors looking for an educational trip.

Make sure to check these destinations the next time you visit Tampa.

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