Museum of Science and Industry

The Museum of Science and Industry is a museum dedicated to people of all ages looking to learn something new. In particular, it is dedicated to promoting the importance of scientific knowledge and understanding as well as the crucial role of industry and technology for our society.

The Museum of Science and Technology is extremely popular because of its engaging and participatory exhibits. It lets its visitors take part in a number of different activities. In fact, it has a scientific playground with 450 hands-on activities to choose from.

This article briefly presents a couple of the popular exhibits open to the public. This should give you a better idea of what to expect on your visit to the museum.

Imagination Playground

This is perhaps MOSI’s centerpiece interactive experience. Imagination Playground essentially allows children to go ahead and engineer whatever comes to mind. By using the tools available to them, they have the chance to design robots to building cities. While the cubes, bricks, curves, cogs, and cylinders serve as rudimentary tools, the possibilities are virtually endless.

Imagination Playground promotes creativity and collaboration among the children. The environment constantly pushes them forward and encourages them to explore new directions and fresh ideas.
Hopefully, the kids would be able to walk away from the Imagination Playground with a better understanding of the importance of social development and scientific learning, all while having a bit of fun.

3D Printing the Future

Like with its other activities, the 3D printing world in the Museum of Science and Technology is looking forward to the possibilities offered by the future. At the center of it is the burgeoning 3D printing technology which is all the rage in many scientific circles. This activity presents visitors with an explanation of what this technology has in store for the world of industry, entertainment, fashion, and so much more.

Aside from giving visitors with an up close glimpse of actual 3D-printed objects, it also offers live demonstrations and hands-on 3D printing workshops. All of it is designed to give you a wholly immersive experience.

Kids in Charge

The Kids in Charge activity incorporates several different learning styles in order to teach visitors a wide range of scientific concepts. This is done in order to effectively maximize the different learning processes used by people.

The activity itself is subdivided into four main exhibits – Activate, Investigate, Kids Create, and Fields to Meals. All of which asks kids to use different skills and apply different aptitudes to solve the problem at hand.

Mission: Moonbase

Mission: Moonbase is designed to simulate a permanent lunar base. It puts visitors in the year 2070 wherein they have to deal with the different aspects of daily life, from food production, logistics, and waste disposal to communication and travel concerns in space.

Like with other activities offered by the Museum of Science and Technology, it focuses on the importance of cooperation and collective planning among participants.

If you are looking for a fun learning experience for your child, the Museum of Science and Technology in Tampa is certainly worth your time.