Tampa Aquarium

The Tampa Aquarium famously showcases the wide array of aquatic species found not only in Florida but around the world as well. It is also worth noting that, contrary to its name, the aquarium also presents other types of ecosystems found in the region.

This is because the Tampa Aquarium is far more than just another tourist attraction. Rather, it is a veritable hub for scientific research that is actively working on how to better contribute to the different wildlife conservation programs. This covers research for underwater archaeology, coral propagation, as well as animal rescue and rehabilitation.

Of course, for all the good work they put in, it seems the Tampa Aquarium has found the secret to being both fun and informative. Named as one of the most Kid-Friendly Aquariums by Parents Magazine, the management has also found a way to ensure that their visitors have fun in their facility.

Bays and Beaches

The Bays and Beaches exhibit gives visitors the chance to discover the different aquatic plants and animals. It showcases more than 20,000 species, some of which are native to Florida as well as some from all over the world.

Coral Reef

The Coral Reef Gallery is interesting for so many reasons. It offers visitors with a rare glimpse into one of the world’s most unique ecosystems. The beauty and diversity found in the coral reefs is one that is usually reserved for scuba divers. This gallery tries to encapsulate that feeling by presenting an engaging and visually stunning experience.

The Coral Reef Gallery recreates the sights one would usually see in a 60-foot dive. It takes the visitors on a journey that starts at the shallow-water reefs before taking on a deep dive and fully descending into the ocean’s depths, with each window providing images of the different microhabitats.

Wetlands Trail

The Wetlands Trail is one of the most exciting exhibits in the Aquarium. It gives visitors the chance to explore the exciting ecosystem. By journeying through the swamps, you will get a better idea of what the actual alligator habitats look like. You will also pass through the streams where otters reside and see birds soar above.

As you continue to explore the trail, you will come face to face with two 14-foot Burmese Pythons. They belong to a species that is not native to the ecosystem of Florida. Throughout the tour, visitors will learn why they pose a huge ecological threat.

Journey to Madagascar

Adventure awaits visitors at the Tampa Aquarium’s newest exhibit, Journey to Madagascar. The highlights of the show are the leaping lemurs and the hissing cockroaches! Aside from that visitors get a chance to have an up close encounter with the ring-tailed lemurs, and colorful chameleons. Without a doubt, this exhibit has a lot in store for those brave enough to take on this journey.

The Tampa Aquarium is one of the best tourist sites in the city. It offers kids and families a chance to learn something new and have fun while doing it.